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Each time you tip it makes a sound which in turn vibrates the toy which in turn again gives the model a thrill.The higher you tip the more intense the vibration and the longer it lasts. British Cam Girls – If you want to spend your nights chatting to genuine girls from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland then you really need to be a member of UKCam Girls.A good thing about these cam sites is they all offer a platform for mobile phones, so you can chat to and tease these hot babes on your iphone which is great fun. Cam Contacts – This site is by far the most popular in the UK with a wide range of niches from babes and glamour models to trannies and Mistresses.It doesn’t use flash like some of the other cam sites so works better and on more operating systems.

The resolution of the videos is not quite like at the premium sites, but it's pretty alright.Of course my opinion is subjective, all the cam sites below are good in one way or another and you may find another one is your favourite.They all have high quality HD streaming and all offer live chat.The site is also perfect for the mobile users, ipad, iphone, android and tablets work great! Strip Hi Lo – Ever wanted to play strip poker with a bunch of over excited, extremely horny hot babes?Well now you with Strip hi Lo and best of all you can do it in your own home.

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It also has a great mobile app so you can watch and interact with the cam girls where ever you are.

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