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But with the rise of comedy as a commercial art form in the 20th century, and with advances in modern bookkeeping, it’s now much easier to assign credit for innovations in joke-telling, which is exactly what Vulture set out to do with this list of the 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy.

Een dagelijks overzicht is nodig ook, want het aantal titels dat telkens wordt toegevoegd neemt in rap tempo toe.

Yes, a joke can be a one-liner built from a setup and a punch line, but it can also be an act of physical comedy.

Pretending to stick a needle in your eye, or pooping in the street while wearing a wedding dress: both jokes.

Here is the structure: 1) Aziz encounters something absurd or silly. 3) He then expands the absurd concept on imaginary random tangents.

For his last special, this got repetitive and I distinctly remember zoning out until he changed it up.

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The list was put together by Vulture senior editor Jesse David Fox; New York senior editor Christopher Bonanos; comedians Wayne Federman, Phoebe Robinson, Halle Kiefer, and Rebecca O'Neal; comedy historians Yael Kohen (author of We Killed) and Kliph Nesteroff (author of The Comedians); and journalists Elise Czajkowski, Matthew Love, Katla Mc Glynn, Ramsey Ess, Dan Reilly, Jenny Jaffe, Lucas Kavner, and The Guardian’s Dave Schilling.

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