Casual dating to serious relationship

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However, in case you tend to be clueless on the seriousness of your relationship, there are always a few telling signs that indicate a budding relationship.Here are nine signs that prove you two have graduated from casual daters to serious partners.

Believe it or not, women tend to wear makeup until they feel truly comfortable with their partner.In addition to making the time to meet their friends, you will also start making time for something else.Of course, up until now you have talked on the phone, but the moment it turns into a conversation about nothing is the minute you know that you are becoming much more serious.Even if she is the type of woman who does not wear much, the chances are that she is dolling up in her own way for you.Wait until she’s in that messy bun wearing, no makeup dawning, or old t-shirt rocking kind of style.

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Once this transition occurs without any force, meaning one party is not forcing themselves on the other every weekend, then things have started to become pretty serious.

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