Dating a bedwetter

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Dating a bedwetter

She will be firm with Brian and he knows to obey mommy. Mother waits until they are finished and tells Brian to remain seated.She lectures Brian again about his vandalism and how she feels Brian can no longer be left home alone.Charlene explains she will put a child over her knee for a spanking if needed.

Brian is in his bedroom playing video games and he is grounded for being involved with vandalism.

He was still in high school then but did graduate recently with average grades.

Brian is not working yet and stays at home while mother works.

” “This will give me time to pack and get ready for the trip.”Shelly is curious about what Charlene is talking about.

Charlene explains that diapers can help correct bad behavior if needed for that.

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The boys broke a window throwing rocks at a neighbor’s house.

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