Dating high school boyfriend in college

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Ask yourself how you feel when imagining being monogamous at college with someone who's not there.

When you imagine yourself being in an open relationship, how does that feel?

Others haven’t really been supportive; they’ve been judging me and keep asking if I really think it’s going to work.

I just don’t like people judging when they don’t know anything about it or us.” “My parents were never really involved in my college decision; they never really cared much about it.

Create designated times to discuss it, but otherwise, don't go there because it can easily take over your lives.

I guess it was too good to let go.” What was your first semester like? “The first semester [we were] figuring out college as a whole and balancing all responsibilities and fun.

The biggest challenge was encountering a different kind of stress that such an academic school brings into a student’s life, but, we were each other’s support system the whole time and were able to figure out this different dynamic that college is.” What sacrifices did you have to make throughout this relationship, and did that strengthen your relationship?

The fact is that everyone is anxious about college starting, so it would be easy to channel that anxiety into your relationship."Create a plan for the fall."It's important to ensure that you both are on the same page now," says Kirsch.

"In terms of keeping in touch if you decide to stay together, create a schedule.

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“My friends didn’t go to the same school as their boyfriends so that they could have time without their significant others to discover themselves and make their own mark on their campuses. After the first year, they went home for the summer – they found they weren’t the same people they were in high school.” I wasn’t sure if I would be able to talk to anyone who had a successful relationship that started in high school and actually continued in college.