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Sarah harding dating

' With Sarah clearly on his mind, the American hunk then revealed: 'Just... you know...', alluding to going further with the blonde.Getting raunchier as the night went on, Sarah then asked: 'Can you feel that there?', as the camera panned to her hand on his manhood through his underwear, before the scene cut off.An insider has since claimed to The Sun that CBB producers had been forced to edit down the steamy scenes to ensure they hadn't been 'too graphic' to air.The former Girls Aloud star nabbed the coveted prize during Friday night’s final, which saw the six remaining housemates competing against each other for the title.Earlier in the evening, Sam Thompson finished in third place and Derek Acorah came fourth.It felt like we'd known each other for six months."So I had to weigh up the options. He is someone I see myself having a future with," she said."I know everyone thinks getting together in the Big Brother house is clichéd.

In scenes to air on Monday night, Sarah can be seen raging at Chad after he appears not to take her advice. 'Don't f***ing cross me,' she tells Chad as he walks away, before he tells her: 'You can't make my life any worse. ' Chad asks as he finally breaks out into a smile, before telling her he's fallen in love with her. Fix up, look f***ing sharp and listen to someone who has had the experience, been there, done that, worn the T-shirt and been persecuted most of her career for it'This comes after their very passionate display the night before, where Sarah, clearly cautious at first, had thrown the duvet over herself and Chad to conceal the pair kissing.

It’s made me a stronger person, I’ve grown a thicker skin, I am an anxious character that’s just me.’ Meanwhile she also set the record straight about her and Chad – and her boyfriend – once and for all.

‘I was in a short team relationship, I was dating somebody,’ she admitted.

‘I just wanted to play the game as fairly, and not try and be perfect.’ Chad also spoke about the rumours over whether his romance with Sarah Harding is fake, saying: ‘It definitely hurt, but it makes sense coming from the show I was on [The Bachelor]. We’re planning on going on holiday.’ This year’s series has largely been defined by Sarah Harding’s ongoing romps with Chad Johnson, with numerous pantry snogs and under the covers exploits taking over the show.

But despite admitting she had a boyfriend before entering the house, Sarah insists that the pre-show relationship wasn't serious and adds that she has no regrets over getting together with Chad in the house."At the end of the day I was in a very brief relationship before I went into the house," Sarah told the "It was a matter of weeks, so it wasn't very serious."Discussing her relationship with Chad, she continued: "Every day in the house is like a week and Chad became a good friend to me and we got close. "I was in a very unfortunate situation where I wasn't in a position to deal with it properly."She continued: And it looks like Sarah and Chad are willing to make their relationship work outside of the house too, with Sarah adding that they're "getting used to real life" now the show is over."We were like a married couple in there.

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