Spotify top list for me not updating

Posted by / 18-Sep-2017 05:16

Spotify top list for me not updating

There are several apps and Spotify plugins that give you on-demand lyrics to the music in Spotify.

We’re featuring these in an upcoming article, but for now have a look at: 4.

But the latest update ( has now enabled the Artist Radio tab on artist pages.

Your Spotify client should update automatically as Spotify roll out the change, but if you can’t wait simply go to the website and download Spotify again manually.

Spotify readily admit this but claim that the most-popular and most listened-to music in their 20 million catalog is in high quality.

But while you’re waiting, why not try: UPDATE: as good as the whole catalog is now in high quality!For these, I offer some workarounds or alternatives. There’s no radio or recommendation service There is now!Spotify launched in the USA without the radio feature enjoyed by European users.That said, there are many Spotify community sites that provide much better recommendation services than the in-built radio. The What’s New section in Spotify only lists a few albums Spotify add on average over 10,000 new tracks to their catalog every day.That’s a lot of music, so it’s no wonder they only spotlight the most popular artists.

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But there are many 3rd-party new-release notification services, and many can be tailored to tell you about only the artists you like.