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K Rowling’s world is the mouth watering selection of food and drink. Flobberworm fritter Okay, we admit this would be a bit of an acquired taste, so it is certainly destined to the the lowest of the lot. Who says a flobberworm can’t taste divine with a bit of batter? Nosebleed Nougat and Puking Pastilles You’d never eat these yourself, but what a perfect way to get revenge on an enemy. Self peeling sprouts The only thing worse than eating sprouts is peeling them, so what an invention this would be.From bubble gum that never ends to pastilles that make you vomit, the varieties of foodstuffs are quite extreme. Well, to take away the agony of you having to decide, we have ranked 15 of the most prominent foods and drinks from Harry Potter. Muggle joke shops’ best offerings are sweets that turn your tongue blue. Christmas could finally be perfect and you could focus on enjoying the sweater sent by Molly Weasley instead. Pumpkin juice You’d need to be a big fan of pumpkins to live in Harry Potter’s world – they seem to use it a lot.

Let’s face it – for a place in Hogwarts, we’d be prepared to drink anything. Bat’s Blood Soup Not as vile as it sounds, this was actually a fondue like fountain of thick syrup found in Honeydukes sweet shop. Explosive cakes with a centre filled with chocolate and Firewhisky are bound to warm your cockles up. Acid pops What could improve your OWLs more than being able to chew on your writing implement as you work through the question paper?

Perhaps it is the interesting lessons or the chance of seeing Daniel Radcliffe wandering about.

Let’s all just be realistic and admit it though – the best thing about J.

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