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It didn’t change what I thought or how I felt about him.But it was really difficult for me to see someone that I couldn’t physically be with.”Through that boyfriend Kevin was introduced to the world of cam websites – chat communities where users can directly interact to offer private shows in return for virtual currency.“To be honest I didn’t want to be with him at first.

As a curious 14-year-old, he’d venture into the then unmoderated world of AOL Instant Messenger and connect with guys hundreds of miles away, building his own network of buddies.The next offer that came in I took, and escorted for the first time.I found it really interesting and the money was good, so I created an escorting profile and took it from there.” As distant as it may seem to generations who’ve never known a time before the internet, it used to be the case that early homosexual awakenings involved long periods of time hanging out in public toilets or book stores, or waiting for that “straight” mate to get drunk enough for the boundaries to blur beyond relevance.When he moved back to LA to go to school, he and his then boyfriend kept things going over webcam. It was all digital – we didn’t visit for super-long periods of time.All our contact was online, which I didn’t really like.

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I just wanted to meet random people who were also gay. “I don‘t like idea of giving away a cut of the money I’ve earned myself to a pimp.

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