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I couldn’t trust that Samsung would offer timely unlocked Galaxy S8 updates because they had never given us any indication that they would.Fast forward to today and I’m pretty close to telling you to skip the carrier models and consider the unlocked versions.The mild rage was triggered by a security patch that rolled out that day that still wasn’t Nougat and was the first in months.I was annoyed enough at the time that I specifically said that we wouldn’t be recommending the US unlocked Galaxy S8 or S8 should Samsung offer them.when i went to the desk and told the guy what i wanted to do, he said no problem and i handed him my phone.when he plugged it up he had asked if it was an unlocked device and i said yes, he then asked if i had att i said no im on metro.He may have thought your Note 4 was a Metro version and running Metro firmware. I went there once and the idiots refused to work on my phone (needed to be reflashed and I couldn't get Odin to work) because I was using Nova Launcher.They only have AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile firmware. He probably was afraid to flash AT&T firmware onto what he thought was a Metro phone. The guy said it wasn't Samsung's home screen and that I had hacked the phone to change it.

I think you may have confused him by telling him that.Remember, the AT&T S7 and S7 Edge picked up Nougat updates back in February, yet the unlocked models didn’t until May.If Samsung has indeed taken a different approach to the unlocked S8 units, Android O will probably be the big tell.he then said unfortunately because of best buys policy that he can't update my phone because i wasn't on att which didn't make any sense because i did the same thing with my last note 4 that unfortunately got watered damaged.apparently somebody with an unlocked t mobile phone tried to update through best and it hard bricked his phone, which is odd to me because the only way you could HARD brick your phone is unless he had the exynos note 4 or he had tried to install official software on a modified device which is a big no no.

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